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Specialist government editing services

Since 2006 we have edited, proofread and formatted publications for approximately 15 New Zealand governmental organisations in the areas of business and employment, conservation, education, the environment, health, health and safety, justice, and science and research.

Are we on your preferred supplier list?

We're on the preferred or contracted provider list of a number of government agencies - yours may be one of them. Check with us if you'd like to find out.

We can work with your research or marketing and communications team to ensure your publication is clear, concise, consistent, correct, professional, appropriate, and effective.

We help when:

  • your editing team needs extra editors over the short or long term
  • your publishing team needs a professional to check that a document complies with style, branding, and formatting guidelines

We assure you of:

  • prompt and constructive communication
  • professionalism
  • confidentiality
  • attention to detail
  • adherence to your deadlines

Ways to work with us

Your arrangement with us can either be as-and-when needed, by fixed-term contract, or as part of a tender process. We work to your specific style and branding guide, to your deadlines and any additional requirements. All material is kept strictly confidential.

How we work

Contact us for an estimate and our availability, and attach the draft of your document if possible. Otherwise, an approximate word count of the final length will do. We'll keep everything confidential, whether we end up working with you or not.

On a budget?

If you're working to a particular budget, let us know and we'll tailor our estimate to that, providing options if possible.

Job summaries and contracts

For larger or more complex jobs, we'll provide you a summary of the job details on a job sheet for easy reference. For smaller jobs, a summary on email is usual enough. We're also happy to sign statements of work, contracts or 'lite' contracts as requested.


Sometimes we ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold your dates for you, if another client is interested in the same dates. This is for lost income in case your job is cancelled or the dates change.

Marking up your document

Once your job is confirmed, we'll edit your document in Microsoft Word using 'Track Changes' and explain changes using 'Comments'. This keeps you in control of your material so you can accept or reject any change.

We can also proofread PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Please enquire about other formats if required.

Wondering if our editing will work for you?

Do you need a very particular tone and style to your writing? We can send you a sample of the first few pages of editing, to make sure it meets your needs.

We can help you with:

Like to meet?

We're based in the Nelson area. However, Sylvia travels to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to meet with editing clients, and to other centres by request. If you'd like to meet with me, just let me know.

For a no-obligation estimate or quote - contact us through our website, or call Sylvia on (027) 426 7803.

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New Zealand Government

"Matthew and Sylvia at Clear Edit are a pleasure to work with. They have a very professional approach to their work, are flexible in dealing with clients' changing timelines and requirements, and provide a timely and high-quality service …" [read more]

S. Boyd

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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