Macron editing and spell-checking for te reo MÄori

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Spell-checking and macron editing for te reo Māori

Do you need some help with te reo spellings and correct placement of macrons?

What's a macron?

Macrons are the little 'bars' above some vowels on Māori words that lengthen the vowel sound - like over the 'ā' in 'Māori'.

Te reo Māori:

  • is an official language of New Zealand
  • is becoming widely used in all kinds of writing, from government reports to children's stories
  • has regional variations in usage, spelling, and pronunciation
  • words often have a number of different meanings.

It's important to get te reo macron placement and spelling correct, to show respect and credibility.

Our main editor, Matthew, is experienced in checking and correcting te reo spellings within the context of English, and ensuring correct macron placement on te reo Māori words.

What references do we use for macron placement?

We consult the following resources:

Kia ora - we look forward to hearing from you.

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"Kia ora Sylvia and Matthew, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation for the knowledge, skills and experience that you both contributed to the successful publication of Ngā Taonga Tākaro II - The Matrix. Your dedication to editing and proofreading…" [read more]

Ross Merrett, CEO

Physical Education New Zealand

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